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Roger Nepath was a 19th century human.

At the age of fourteen, Nepath watched a neighbour's house burn. When his sister Patience came to bring him home, part of the house collapsed and killed her. His guilt led him to steal her corpse from the morgue and keep it with him.

When he made contact with the fire elemental, it promised to resurrect his sister if he would help it spread. He agreed, and brought people like Lord Urton to it so it could possess them and increase its influence.

However, when the Eighth Doctor confronted Nepath and said that Patience had not been truly resurrected, he asked the elemental to abandon her to prove the Doctor wrong. It reluctantly agreed, embracing Nepath as it drained away, leaving only a stone statue.

When the dam on the local river was blown up, the flood poured towards where Nepath was trapped. He begged the Doctor to save him, but the Time Lord pushed the statue into the water. This also dragged Nepath under, and he drowned. (PROSE: The Burning)