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Monsters Who Came Back For More!
Rogue Time Lords
Subject: The history of villainous Time Lords
Original to the DVD: The Armageddon Factor
Runtime: 13'
Key crew
Interviewees: Terrance Dicks, Moray Laing, Paul Lang, Nicholas Courtney, Tom Spilsbury, Pip and Jane Baker
Executive producer: Dan Hall
Producers: Anthony Caulfield, Richard Adamson
Rogue Time Lords was a 2|entertain DVD documentary that looked at the history of renegade Time Lords throughout Doctor Who. It was included in the DVD release of The Armageddon Factor, which was a part of The Key to Time box set.

Writer Terrance Dicks, Doctor Who Adventures editor Moray Laing and Doctor Who Adventures designer Paul Lang, discussed each renegade Time Lord in general. Both Lain and Lang talked about the Monk. Dicks and Lang talked about the War Chief.

Terrance Dicks, talked about the creation of the Master, as a Moriarty to the Doctor's Sherlock, while actor Nicholas Courtney, discussed the casting of Roger Delgado as the Master and the motivations behind the Master's actions. Editor of the Doctor Who Magazine, Tom Spilsbury, discussed the character of Omega, and how he differed from other villains seen on Doctor Who. They also mentioned and speculated on the change of the Time Lord, from those seen in The War Games to those seen in The Three Doctors.

Dicks talked about the creation of Borusa, while Spilsbury talked about Councillor Hedin and the motivations behind the character. Script editors Pip and Jane Baker talked about the creation of the Rani and the motivations behind the character. Laing talked about the Valeyard and the motivations behind the character. The documentary ends with mention of the Doctor, the first renegade.

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