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Roland Hendrick was partially human and partially alien. He lived in Wolfenden.

Roland Hendrick thought that he was the brother of the alien Mrs Hendrick. However, he was her first child.

Mrs Hendrick stole the memories of the local people. The human memories contained chemicals which could activate a machine that prevented her race from finding her. However, she told Roland and her other family members that she needed the machine to make sure that her species found her and that they could go home together. She didn't tell him that she was a prisoner and was hiding from her species.

Luke Smith found out the truth and told Roland and his family about Mrs Hendrick's lies. Meanwhile Sarah Jane Smith asked Mr Smith if he could send the location of Mrs Hendrick and her family to her species. A member of her race apologised to the local people for the behaviour of Mrs Hendrick. She was then taken to prison, while her children, including Roland, flew to the planet of Mrs Hendrick's species, which became their new home. (AUDIO: The White Wolf)