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Count Rolf Wittenmeier was a nobleman from Austria. In 1873, he lived in Vienna with his wife Mitzi Wittenmeier, and their baby daughter.

Wittenmeier used to be a skillful card player. His victory over Count Larisch was remembered a long time.

He invested money in Alfred Stahlbaum's Silver Turk. After Wittenmeier lost everything in a stock market crash, he wanted to restore the debt Stahlbaum had with him by selling the Turk. Stahlbaum persuaded him to play a game against the Turk instead, which Wittenmeier lost. The defeated Count went on a rampage. He was taken into police custody and charged for the recent murders of Dieter Wallmann and Leopold Krauss, other two patrons of Stahlbaum. Johan Drossel, who was targeting all Stahlbaum's patrons, ordered Gramm to attack Wittenmeier in his prison cell. Eventually, Drossel succeeded in killing him and creating a puppet in his likeness. (AUDIO: The Silver Turk)