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The puppet of Rolf Wittenmeier was one of the wooden puppets created using Gramm's Cyber-Technology.

Being modelled on Count Rolf Wittenmeier in appearance, the puppet could also speak simple phrases with Wittenmeier's voice. This puppet had the distinction of being the first exact facsimile of a person supplied with the eyes of this person. Johan Drossel went to a lot of trouble to obtain both eyes of Count Wittenmeier. The puppet Count was intended to be the first of a new race of wooden puppets envisioned by Drossel.

After the real Count was murdered, the puppet Count served as bait in the hospital where the real Count was moved after his first eye was gouged out in the police station. People coming to see the Count in the hostpital were captured by puppets and brought to Marionettenburg.

The puppet's functioning ceased together with that of its creator, Gramm, on 12 September 1873. All remnants of the Cyber-Technology were burned by the Eighth Doctor. (AUDIO: The Silver Turk)