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The third incarnation of Romanadvoratrelundar was, like her predecessor, also President of Gallifrey. However, the potential for at least two distinct versions of her existed due to the alteration of Gallifrey's history. (PROSE: The Ancestor Cell, AUDIO: Enemy Lines)

While Romana II was meant to regenerate into one of these versions of Romana III, Braxiatel changed her past and undid her regeneration. (AUDIO: Enemy Lines)

Biography Edit

Gallifrey's darkest hour Edit

A Matrix projection of Romana III, which called herself "Trey" aided her second self after she had returned from the Axis. She offered her Capitol to her previous self, saving her thousands of years in rebuilding the planet. (AUDIO: Renaissance)

During the final term of office, she had to deal with an anomaly in near Earth, created using the Hand of Omega. A secret society, known as the Adherents of Ohm, were trying to gain power on Gallifrey, and she suspected that Narvin might be part of it. There was an attempt to assassinate her though Tauras managed to save her. She travelled through a black hole after Narvin tracked Ace there and found out that Tauras had set Omega free from the anti-matter universe. She tried to travel back into her own universe again but was stuck in the black hole as the type 160 TARDIS she was using ran out of power. She accepted that she along with Narvin and Ace wouldn't see Gallifrey again, until Irving Braxiatel saved her and went after Omega. (AUDIO: Intervention Earth)

After Omega returned, a war devastated Gallifrey. (AUDIO: Enemy Lines) As Gallifrey faced its "darkest hour", Romana began to clear sections of the planet in order to make room to build Battle TARDISes. She personally attended the decommissioning of Quadrigger Stoyn's workstation. (AUDIO: Luna Romana)

War Queen of the Nine Gallifreys Edit

A potentially separate third incarnation of Romana became War Queen and President of the Nine Gallifreys in preparation for the upcoming war. She had a harder personality than Romana II and was less friendly towards the Eighth Doctor.

She dispatched Cavis and Gandar to Avalon and eventually turned up herself to take possession of Compassion after Compassion transformed into a TARDIS. Romana believed Compassion could give the Time Lords a tactical advantage in the War. Instead, the Eighth Doctor and Fitz fled inside Compassion. (PROSE: The Shadows of Avalon)

After a hundred and fifty years in power, she was approaching her first reaffirmation ceremony when she was challenged by former President Greyjan, an event which turned out to be part of a scheme by Faction Paradox to take over Gallifrey and re-write its history. The Eighth Doctor destroyed the planet to prevent this. (PROSE: The Ancestor Cell) Marnal later showed the amnesiac Eighth Doctor these events, where Romana and one of her soldiers, Mali tried to restore Gallifrey from one of the Nine Gallifreys. They discovered that Faction Paradox had wiped the Nine Gallifreys from history. Romana wept, knowing that her planet was doomed. Soon after, Faction Paradox skulltroopers closed in on Romana and Mali and fired two shots. Before she died, however, Romana sent K-9 into the Doctor's TARDIS to prevent him from destroying Gallifrey. (PROSE: The Gallifrey Chronicles)

Erasure Edit

Irving Braxiatel went back in time and saved Romana II from what would have caused her regeneration. He claimed that after the return of Omega, a war devastated Gallifrey, and Romana III had sanctioned his trying to change her past to avert the crisis. In the wake of Braxiatel's intervention, Romana II was uncertain whether she would eventually regenerate into the same third incarnation or not. (AUDIO: Enemy Lines)

Appearance Edit

As War Queen, Romana was petite, with black hair and a snub nose. (PROSE: The Gallifrey Chronicles) She had a fringe, green eyes, and a tattoo of the Prydonian Seal on her left ankle. She wore pearls. (PROSE: The Shadows of Avalon) Cuthbert Simpson regarded Romana as "beautiful". (PROSE: The Banquo Legacy) The Doctor noted that this incarnation of Romana looked like his mother. (PROSE: The Ancestor Cell)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Writers involved in the War arc of Eighth Doctor Adventures novels based Romana III's described appearance on that of the American silent film actress Louise Brooks, although upon meeting this incarnation for the first time the Eighth Doctor noted that she now looked worryingly like his mother.
  • James Goss, creator of the "Trey" incarnation of Romana played by Juliet Landau in Big Finish audio stories, intended for her to be different from the Romana III of the novels, referring to her as one among "other future Romanadvoratrelundars". (VOR 56) However, his incarnation was shown to definitively be the third Romana. (AUDIO: Enemy Lines)