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Ron Cordell was the Governor of the Earth Empire's central trade colony Vourakis 3.

History Edit

Greedy for money, Cordell made a deal with a group of Skinks led by Slinker. He had the Skinks blockade Vourakis 3 from the rest of the empire. With the blockade, Cordell expected to experience increased revenue from the black market.

For at least three weeks, the blockade was successful. During this time, Cordell instigated a colony-wide curfew. The Twelfth Doctor came to Vourakis 3 and met Heddy Garber. Together, they went to the Skink spaceship and learned that Cordell was behind the blockade. They were captured by the Skinks and taken to the ship's black hole drive. Cordell came to see the Doctor and Garber thrown into the black hole, but instead the Doctor used his sonic sunglasses to break the hole's containment field. As the ship began breaking, Cordell used a short-range teleport to get to the Doctor's TARDIS. He put a gun to Garber's head and told the Doctor to take him away in the TARDIS. Before the Doctor could do anything, Cordell was attacked by Slinker, who felt betrayed by Cordell. Slinker held Cordell down as the Doctor and Garber left and the ship was destroyed. (COMIC: Pirates of Vourakis)