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Ronan McGinley
Species: Human, Cyberman
Affiliated with: Braxiatel Collection
First seen in: A Summer Affair
Other appearances: AUDIO: The Crystal of Cantus
Ronan McGinley was ostensibly the professor of 21st century literature for the Braxiatel Collection.

He was at a party to celebrate the first birth after the Fifth Axis occupation where he met Clarissa Jones and began a romantic affair. Bernice Summerfield discovered that he was a former Fifth Axis officer who committed atrocities. Clarissa broke off with him when she found out. Unknown to Bernice and Clarissa, this evidence was faked; Ronan was actually from a different time and place; Irving Braxiatel had offered him one last summer. (PROSE: A Summer Affair)

Ronan was turned into a Cyber-Controller subordinate to Braxiatel's will during the Dalek invasion of the Braxiatel Collection. Using a Gallifreyan crystal, Ronan made all the Cybermen follow Braxiatel's orders. It was later revealed the crystal was slowly killing Ronan, so Braxiatel gave the crystal to Jason Kane instead. (AUDIO: The Crystal of Cantus)


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