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You may be looking for parallel universe Ross.

Ross Brimmicombe-Wood was a Scottish career soldier and strong British nationalist.

His father, Archie Brimmicombe-Wood, was also an army officer and had been friends with Charles Crichton and Robert Dalton's father. (PROSE: Project: Valhalla)

Years later, as a colonel, he was the commanding officer of the UK branch of UNIT, Brigadier Bambera having left sometime after 2001. (AUDIO: Animal) Subordinate Emily Chaudhry considered him a friend; he used to call her "the proper English rose" until she drank him under the table. (AUDIO: The Longest Night) He was believed to have been abducted while escorting alien cargo across the country in 2005. (AUDIO: Time Heals)

In reality, he was the commanding officer and a double agent for ICIS. He had faked his own kidnapping to create chaos in UNIT. He was involved in attempts to bring down the British government for reasons of ultra-nationalism, and was imprisoned for his actions. (AUDIO: The Wasting)

Behind the scenes

  • The character had originally appeared in Sympathy for the Devil, an alternate universe story from the Doctor Who Unbound series. That version of the character had been a loyal soldier, allowing the UNIT audio series to play off the fact the audience already knew him and wouldn't expect him to be an antagonist.
  • Both versions of Brimmicombe Wood are colonels, even though one is colonel in 1997 and the other in the 21st century.