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Emperor Rovan Cartovall was the ruler of the Cartovallian Stellar Empire. He was born on the planet Centros, the son of Emperor Dorrian III and Empress Kalia of Cartovall. He ascended the throne at the age of thirty-three, but felt bored and trapped. In 1936 BC, four years into his reign, he mysteriously disappeared during a voyage to the vacation world of Serenity. Neither he nor his private yacht, which was filled with the contents of the palace treasury, was ever found. Rovan's younger brother Athren succeeded him, and the mystery of Rovan and his treasure passed into legend.

Five thousand years after Rovan's disappearance, the Fifth Doctor and Peri Brown were given coordinates to Rovan's treasure, leading them to the planet Gelsandor. There, they and other treasure seekers went on a quest to prove their worthiness to receive the treasure, all the while being observed by the Gelsandorans and journalist Dexel Dynes. (PROSE: The Ultimate Treasure)

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