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Roy was the boyfriend of Lynn Pierce, who was the mother of Jasmine Pierce.

Lynn thought that Roy was a kind and gentle man who loved both her and her daughter. However, he actually disliked Jasmine and took every opportunity to be mean to her.

He thought that Jasmine was a very strange child: having no friends and playing in the woods behind their back garden. He even told Jasmine that her father must have left because "he must have seen what was coming".

At a party celebrating the five year anniversary of his relationship with Lynn in 2007, he slapped Jasmine across the face when she discovered that he had built a fence to keep her away from the woods. However, unknown to both him and Lynn, Jasmine was a Chosen One of the Fairies. Roy's cruelty to Jasmine provoked the wrath of the Fairies, who killed him by clogging his throat with rose petals. (TV: Small Worlds)