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Rump was a wolf-like alien who had taken up residence on the trap street, hidden from human view in the centre of London to harbour alien refugees.

Rump, along with his friend Kabel, was one of the residents responsible for greeting and processing new arrivals and assessing any alien claim for sanctuary on the street. It was Rump who found the "body" of Anah, apparently murdered by Rigsy, but actually placed into stasis by Ashildr, as a means by which to create a scenario that would entrap the Twelfth Doctor.

When the Doctor, Clara and Rigsy entered the trap street, Rump smelled each of them, and deduced that the Doctor was inhuman. Later, he explained to Clara how a chronolock could be moved from one person to another with the willing mind of the receiver. (TV: Face the Raven)

Behind the scenes Edit

Rump appeared in DWA15 12, although he was only referred to as "the dangerous alien". Rump attempted to steal the Doctor's TARDIS to "further his own possibly criminal and hostile plans". He cloned himself four times and hid in the pages of Doctor Who Adventures. His plans were foiled when the reader, working for UNIT, found all five Rumps.