Ryan Sinclair was a 19-year-old man who lived in Sheffield. He worked as a warehouse worker, earning money while studying for his NVQ so that he could become a mechanic. As a child, he attended Redlands Primary alongside Yasmin Khan.

In 2012, Ryan's mother passed away and he was raised by his paternal grandmother Grace.

In September 2018, whilst trying to learn to cycle with Grace, and her husband, Graham O'Brien, Ryan fell off and threw the bicycle away into the nearby woods out of anger. After his grandmother and Graham left him to calm down, Ryan went to retrieve it.

Whilst retrieving it from a tree, he discovered a glowing symbol and, upon touching it, summoned a strange blue pod. He touched the pod only to find it freezing, burning his hand. Calling the police to investigate, Ryan was reunited with Yasmin Khan, a classmate from school who now worked as a police officer, when she arrived to investigate the scene. Ryan confessed it wasn't a prank, making Yasmin confirm such by touching the pod. Walking away, Ryan received a call from his grandmother asking for help on the nearby train.

The pair raced to it, where they met the Thirteenth Doctor and were subsequently electrocuted by a coil creature. Ryan helped the Doctor track down the pod's occupant, Tim Shaw and prevented him from claiming Karl Wright as a trophy. However, Grace died via electrocution when disabling the gathering coil. Devastated, her death motivated Ryan to battle his dyspraxia in her honour. He later helped the Doctor make a teleport so she could reach her TARDIS only to be teleported with her. (TV: The Woman Who Fell to Earth)

Personality Edit

Ryan was good with social media. He had his own YouTube account called RyanS and chose to search Twitter when asked by the Doctor to look for any unusual recent events.

Ryan had dyspraxia and so struggled to ride a bike and lost his footing while climbing a crane; this often frustrated him. He was also scared of heights. (TV: The Woman Who Fell to Earth)

Behind the Scenes Edit