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SERVEYOUinc was an company encountered by the Eleventh Doctor in different timezones.

On Rokhandi, they set up the Rokhandi World theme park. (COMIC: The Friendly Place) Ten years later, they were operating United System Research Base satellite where they were experimenting on ARC. (COMIC: Whodunnit? / The Sound of Our Voices)

On Earth, they were attempting to control people through possession in 1931 Mississippi. Even the Doctor became possessed, but his companions Alice Obiefune and John Jones were able to free him. (COMIC: What He Wants...) In 2015, an employee of the company known as the Talent Scout appeared to Alice as her dead mother, supposedly resurrected. (COMIC: The Eternal Dogfight / The Infinite Astronaut)

As the Doctor grew tired of his repeated encounters of the company, he purchased a fifty-one percent share in it, making him the majority shareholder. In a confrontation with the Talent Scout at the headquarters, the Doctor became the company's Chief Executive. (COMIC: The Rise and Fall)

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