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The 194th regular issue of SFX, a UK magazine dedicated to covering the sci-fi and fantasy genre, was devoted to Doctor Who.

To mark the return of Doctor Who to television, with a new Eleventh Doctor for series 5, SFX commissioned a special 3D cover that was only available in the UK and certain selected US outlets.

Inside the main feature was a 9 page article;

  • "The First Eleven"
"Back for its first full series in two years, Doctor Who is returning with two new leads and a new head writer. Nick Setchfield talks to Moffat, Smith and Gillan, the people who'll make your Saturday nights."
With portraits by Adrian Rogers for SFX
The article also included a box looking at the cover design
SFX 194 3D cover text

An article explaining how they accomplished the 3D cover

Additional details Edit

  • SFX magazine was a regular four weekly title in the UK. It also produced special seasonal issues mainly focussing on a specific theme.
  • Unlike Doctor Who Magazine or Doctor Who Adventures, SFX is "100% unofficial and independent".
  • Doctor Who Adventures issue 173 also had a 3D cover for the Eleventh Doctor.

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