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Wormwood in Alien Files
Featuring: Luke, Mr Smith
Main enemy: Sontarans, Mrs Wormwood, Bane Mother
Main setting: 13 Bannerman Road
Key crew
Director: Pip Banyard
Producer: John Piper
Release details
Story number: 3
Premiere broadcast: 25 October 2010
Format: 1x30 minute episode
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Sarah Jane's Alien Files

Episode three of Sarah Jane's Alien Files aired alongside Death of the Doctor.

Synopsis Edit

Luke Smith returns home from University, bringing with him a highly volatile biological culture which Mr Smith offers to incinerate (his washing). On his mum's instructions, Luke updates the Alien Files with what he knows about Mrs Wormwood, the Bane Mother, and the Sontarans.

Cast Edit

Crew Edit

References Edit

  • Mr Smith is pleased that Luke left K9 at Oxford when he came home to visit.
  • Luke was enthusiastic about helping with the Alien Files, declaring that they don't get enough aliens over in Oxford.
  • Mr Smith compares the Sontarans' warlike qualities to that of the Daleks.

Story notes Edit

Continuity Edit

  • This episode established Luke's frequent visits home from Oxford, which he had last been seen leaving home to attend in TV: The Nightmare Man.

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