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Luke's note
Featuring: Luke, Mr Smith
Main enemy: Judoon, Androvax, Mister Dread
Main setting: 13 Bannerman Road
Key crew
Director: Pip Banyard
Producer: John Piper
Release details
Story number: 6
Premiere broadcast: 15 November 2010
Format: 1x30 minute episode
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Sarah Jane's Alien Files
SJAF 5 none

Episode six of Sarah Jane's Alien Files aired alongside Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith.

Synopsis Edit

Luke Smith comes back home from Oxford for a visit, but finds a note from his mum informing him that she, Clyde, and Rani are away on an investigation. While home alone, he helps Mr Smith update the Alien Files with data on the Judoon and his encounter with the Androvax. Mr Smith then relates the story of Androvax's return to Earth, and the involvement of Mister Dread and the Men in Black, to Luke and further updates the Alien Files.

Cast Edit

Crew Edit

References Edit

  • Sarah Jane's note informs Luke that she, Clyde, and Rani are at the Pharos Institute studying a fossilised Silurian egg.
  • When Mr Smith notes that the Judoon resemble Earth animals, he also mentions the Vespiform, the Hath, and the Cheetah People.
  • Mr Smith notes that Androvax is at the top of the Judoon's wanted list rather than the Cybermen or the Beast.
  • When Mr Smith tells Luke about Androvax coming to Sarah Jane for help, he recounts the Blathereen offering peace and Mrs Wormwood coming for help.

Story notes Edit

  • This story contains clips from TV: Prisoner of the Judoon and TV: The Vault of Secrets.
  • This is the only occasion on which Mr Smith basically updates the Alien Files himself, relating the story of an adventure to Luke rather than the other way round.

Continuity Edit

  • Luke remembers the events of TV: Prisoner of the Judoon taking place on a Sunday.
  • Mr Smith notes the elapsed time between Androvax's pleading for help in the attic and his reversion to his old ways in Ocean Waters' house to be one hour and eight minutes.

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