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The Sarah Jane Adventures novelisations are a series of prose adaptations of select episodes of The Sarah Jane Adventures. The books carry the BBC logo (and later, the Doctor Who logo) but are published by Penguin Character Books, not BBC Books. As of late 2010, they are the only form of prose SJA fiction offered; there has yet to be an original prose story based upon the show.

They effectively revive a tradition associated with Doctor Who. During — and slightly beyond — the original run of Doctor Who, Target Books and a few other companies offered a regular stream of adaptations of past Doctor Who stories. Since the BBC Wales version of Doctor Who has never generated novelisations, these SJA adaptations are the first Doctor Who universe novelisations in a regular series of adaptations since 1994's The Evil of the Daleks.

The complete first season of The Sarah Jane Adventures has been novelised, along with the first two stories of Series 2. To date only a single Series 3 story, featuring the Tenth Doctor, has been adapted. Two Series 4 novelisations were given a publication date of 4th November 2010 and cover art was released. However, it was revealed in September 2010 that these books would instead only be offered as e-books, though their publication date would be unaffected by the change of medium.

Next to the Penguin Character Novelisations, there are four photo novelisations of the Sarah Jane Adventures, which are published Pearson.

# Title Writer Based on Release date
1 Invasion of the Bane Terrance Dicks Invasion of the Bane 1 November 2007
2 Revenge of the Slitheen Rupert Laight Revenge of the Slitheen
3 Eye of the Gorgon Phil Ford Eye of the Gorgon
4 Warriors of Kudlak Gary Russell Warriors of Kudlak
5 Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane? Rupert Laight Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane? 6 November 2008
6 The Lost Boy Gary Russell The Lost Boy
7 The Last Sontaran Gary Russell The Last Sontaran
8 Day of the Clown Phil Ford The Day of the Clown
9 The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith Gareth Roberts The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith 5 November 2009

E-books Edit

# Title Writer Based on Release date
1 The Nightmare Man Joseph Lidster The Nightmare Man 25 November 2010
2 Death of the Doctor Gary Russell Death of the Doctor

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