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SS Pentallian

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SS Pentallian
Type: Cargo ship
Place of origin: Humans
Appearances: PROSE: 42 Prologue
TV: 42
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Burn with me - part one - Dr Who - BBC sci-fi03:40

Burn with me - part one - Dr Who - BBC sci-fi

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Burn with me - part two - Dr Who - BBC sci-fi

The SS Pentallian was a cargo ship in the 42nd century.

The ship's captain, Kath McDonnell, had illegally stolen some gas from the Torajii sun, not knowing that the sun was in fact alive. Torajii was angered and used its gas to possess crew members like Korwin McDonnell and Dev Ashton to kill the remaining crew one by one. The ship was also sabotaged so it would collide into Torajii, destroying itself. When the gas was released, Torajii left the crew alone and let the survivors leave.

The Pentallian was apparently using sun fuel to power itself up, but the sun was alive, possessing Korwin McDonnell, who began a murderous rampage through the ship.

The ship possessed heat shielding to protect it from intense heat. However, the hotter that the outer hull got, the weaker those shields became. The ship also had escape pods. (TV: 42)

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