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Sagan was a member of Rorvik's slaver crew who was in charge of reviving the Tharils from enforced sleep.

He and Kilroy were taking Biroc to get medical attention when Biroc temporarily disabled them and escaped. He then returned to the bridge, where he detected the TARDIS on the short range scanner.

He accompanied Rorvik, Packard, Lane, Kilroy and another crewman when Rorvik decided to explore the Gateway. He attempted to destroy the mirrors by shooting them with his gun, but was unsuccessful. He later ordered Aldo and Royce to bring the crew's lunch to the Gateway.

When he returned to the ship, he was ordered by Rorvik to attempt to revive the Tharils to find a replacement navigator. Without any success, he was surprised when Lazlo entered, as he hadn't revived him. Deciding he might be a good navigator, Sagan pulled out his gun and went towards Lazlo, who immediately began to struggle with him, pushing the gun away. In a desperate attempt to kill the Tharil, Sagan grabbed a bunch of loose wires, intending to force them against Lazlo, giving him a fatal electric shock. However, Lazlo grabbed the wires and forced them against Sagan's chest, killing him. (TV: Warriors' Gate)

Behind the scenes Edit

Visual effects designer Mat Irvine doubled for actor Vincent Pickering in the scene where Sagan is electrocuted in part four. (DWM 315)

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