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An android of Major Salateen was created by Sharaz Jek during his war against the army on Androzani Minor. He kept the real Salateen in his HQ, while the fake Salateen served under General Chellak in the army's base and reported the army's moves to Jek. Jek saw this android as his greatest creation.

When the real Salateen escaped with Peri Brown and returned to the army base, Chellak sent Salateen on a fake mission to what he "thought" was Jek's base. The real reason for the mission was to allow the real Salateen to move around the base freely.

The android later returned to Jek's laboratory and shot and killed Stotz after the gun smuggler had fatally shot Jek. The android's final order from Jek was to hold him. The android obeyed, and held Jek's body as the laboratory was engulfed in flames. (TV: The Caves of Androzani)

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