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Saldaamir was a blue-skinned humanoid and a friend of the Doctor's parents.

Biography Edit

Saldaamir conducted business with the Doctor's father, and was once interrupted when a young Doctor caught a cobblemouse. (PROSE: Unnatural History) Saldaamir was the last survivor of the Time Wars in Gallifrey's ancient past. Saldaamir and Ulysses considered themselves explorers and associated themselves with Lady Larna, who was from their future. (PROSE: The Gallifrey Chronicles)

Saldaamir once met Bernice Summerfield on Mars, where he informed her that he was going to San Francisco. Bernice had met Saldaamir once before this, but could not remember where. (PROSE: Beige Planet Mars)

The Eighth Doctor saw Mr Saldaamir smiling at him in a vision of his future. (PROSE: Father Time)

Alternate universe Edit

Saldaamir once attended a party with the Doctor and Larna. (PROSE: The Infinity Doctors)

Appearance Edit

Saldaamir had blue skin and wore an elegant pin-striped suit. He had a set of small, but very sharp teeth. (PROSE: Beige Planet Mars)

Behind the scenes Edit

Lance Parkin submitted an entry for the Faction Paradox volume, The Book of the War, which would have included substantial details about the character of Mister Saldaamir. The editor of the book, Lawrence Miles, removed Parkin's entry before publication, leaving Parkin to publish the entry in the fan magazine Myth Makers.[1]

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