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Sally was a student of Dr Evelyn Smythe. She had caused a car accident and was grieving at the loss of her partner. Suffering from severe depression, she wanted to commit suicide. She sent a goodbye letter to Evelyn.

After receiving this letter, Evelyn and the Sixth Doctor travelled back in time just minutes after Sally posted her goodbye note. Evelyn believed that they could make her see a future for herself through telling her a pirate story.

Sally recognised various historical inaccuracies in Evelyn's story, such as wooden legs and pirates using the phrase "shiver me timbers", and pointed out how all Evelyn's pirate voices sounded the same. However, when she realised that they had spent all night talking, and learned of the lengths that Evelyn had gone to in order to talk to her at this time, Sally accepted the Doctor's reasoning that even the worst night can seem better in the morning, planning to greet the day with hope for its promise and potential. (AUDIO: Doctor Who and the Pirates)