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Salvatore Maranzano, sometimes shortened to Sal Maranzano, was an organised crime boss and bootlegger operating in New York City in 1927.

Maranzano was ordered by his superiors to keep a sealed container in a locked dockside warehouse. Maranzano was unaware of the true identity of who his superiors were working for and the contents of the container, but he was terrified of what the contents might be and eager to have them destroyed. Some time later, under the pretence of stopping rival bootleggers, he sent his men to abduct two people he suspected had come to deal with the mysterious container.

After he was satisfied that Jack Harkness and Angelo Colasanto were the right people, Maranzano forced Harkness to swear they would transfer the container to another warehouse without opening it — protecting Maranzano from retribution. He later witnessed Harkness's death and resurrection while Harkness was kept captive in a butcher shop. (TV: Immortal Sins)