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Sam Bishop was a member of UNIT.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Though he came from a family of bookkeepers and teachers, Sam was inspired to join the military as a child by his great-grandfather, who would regale him with stories of when he fought with the Eighth Army in North Africa during World War II, serving in battlefronts such as El Alamein, Tobruk, and Gazala.

Stopping a Nestene invasion Edit

With UNIT, Bishop often went on dangerous missions. Kate Stewart sent him on a mission to the Gobi Desert to track an Energy unit. On this mission a set of Autons attacked him. He was then sent to Puerto Rico to track the Nestene energy units landing. (AUDIO: Earthfall)

He sent Kate and Colonel Shindi to Black Archive 5, as there was something useful in the vault. (AUDIO: Armageddon)

Tengobushi Incident Edit

When he came back to the UK he was supposed to meet with Kate, but he missed her as she was on her way to Geneva. He helped Josh to realise that the Tengobushi killed Anna Burges to get information on where Osgood was going. (AUDIO: Death in Geneva)

On Kate's orders he followed Felicity Lyme to Antarctica and discovered her facility in there which was generating enough electricity to supply the British Isles. He posed as coming from an energy company to find this information. He managed to get the other territorial powers on the continent to show a power of strength against Bergam's forces. (AUDIO: Ice Station Alpha)

Investigating the Silence Edit

Sam Bishop and Osgood find a Silent

Sam and Osgood investigate Helena Faversham's house again. (AUDIO: Square One)

He thought that Kenneth LeBlanc was idiotic. After hearing both Kate and Osgood's memories about the incident at Helena Faversham, he decided to investigate further. He looked at the CCTV footage of the raid and convince Kate that it had happened. He then helped Osgood to investigate the people who McGee said had visited the house. (AUDIO: Square One)

He had to deputise for Carter when he went AWOL. He found the footage in the moon landing telling the humans to kill the silents on sight. He then went with Osgood to find out where Carter had sent a set of explosives. Going with Kate and Osgood to LeBlanc constituency count, he took a set of troops to destroy the Silents there and disarm a bomb. (AUDIO: Silent Majority)

He went with Osgood to the UNIT satellite to fix something on there, but they were knocked unconscious upon arrival. He explored the space station and discovered that the crew had been killed. Due to the Silents editing his memory he forgot this and aided Osgood to finish her mission. He decided to get Osgood and himself off the station piloting the Suez capsule. (AUDIO: In Memory Alone)

The Silurian invasion Edit

Sam and Tryska on the Silurian nest

Sam and Tryska on the Silurian nest. (AUDIO: Retrieval)

He was called in to help Kate and Osgood in a Silurian nest in Greece. Finding the Kate injured he gave her some anti-venom to try and save her. He eventually found Osgood in a primitive state. Tryska started to attack him in a weapon testing area of the base. He was annoyed that Tryska devided to fall into a hole. Later she appeared and with Osgood's suggestion placed a snake calling device on her. Josh then evacuated them from the area. (AUDIO: Retrieval)

Kates sent Sam to a weather station in order to affect the weather, changing the Gulf Stream to make it snow, so that Kate could get back to the UK. He went back to the Sea Devil base with Jo Jones to take the sea creatures that the Silurians were using back into hibernation. (AUDIO: United)

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