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Sam Laws was a nineteen year old C-grade human boy. He was son of Jo Laws and the brother of Phee Laws and Casey Laws, who lived in the Res-3 sector of the Mnemosyne Cincture.

He became good friends with Jamie McCrimmon. He was quite lazy and rebellious and a handful for his mother and younger sister. As a miner, he once took his baby sister, Casey, down to the mines, which led to her being used as a template by the Arkive to manufacture Blue Dolls. When the Blue Dolls began to run havoc on the whole Saturn system, Florian Hart insisted on blaming the youth of the Cincture.

In protest, Sam led the escape to Titan and set up his own society called Tartarus. After an argument with his best friend, Sanjay, Sam sulked off to a large volcano where he was caught in an eruption and rescued by his ex-stepfather, Harry Matthews, with whom he did not get along well. By the time the Second Doctor, Zoe Heriot and Jamie had stabilised the Wheel's disputes with the help of Jo and Phee, however, Sam's relationship seemed on the mend. (PROSE: The Wheel of Ice)