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Samantha Thorn was an android secret agent during the Orion War. (AUDIO: Scorpius) As part of an deep undercover assignment to get information on Project Scorpius, she became Paul Hunt's lover. Her real lover was Prime Reordin. (AUDIO: Fear) She travelled with Liam Barnaby to the Cyberman conversion ship (AUDIO: Conversion and later to Telos. She planned to destroy the Cybermen master vault. (AUDIO: Telos) She survived the attack on the Antares and was rescued by Louis Richter. She had to escape as they found out she was an android. (AUDIO: Outsiders) She arrives in the Sol system and discovers that the androids decide to destroy the Earth in order to stop the Cybermen. (AUDIO: Terror) She was rescued from the cybermen by Hazel Trahn. (AUDIO: Machines) She told Hazel that she came to love Liam. (AUDIO: Extinction)

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