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Sameera Jenkins was a thirty-five-year-old woman worked at Lexington Bank, a business heavy in work. In order to keep on top of all her work, she was given the chance to "borrow time". This meant that she could continue with her work as usual and add extra details, just to impress others. She was fighting against Andrew Brown for a promotion.

Amy found out about her secret and was persuaded by Sameera to use a watch like hers. However after learning the truth of the watches, Sameera aided the Eleventh Doctor and during this time, she ended her rivalry with Andrew. She later payed her thirty years of time and gain the appearance of a six-five-year-old. Eventually, .the Doctor gave her a glass brick contains the thirty years of Nadia Montgomery and became thirty-five again. After this, Sameera and Andrew quit their jobs at the Bank and leave. (PROSE: Borrowed Time)

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