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Dr Sandra Urtiman was team leader of the UrtiCorp Project on station XZ49.

Sandra was very proud of her accomplishments, seemingly unaware of how small they were. She boasted that no one from her team had been poached for six years. She was especially proud of the furnishings in her department, pleased that they were better than those of the other departments. Sandra's mother was a vice chancellor who had funded much of the research projects.

Zoe Heriot was part of Sandra's team. Zoe was brilliant but was unable to follow through on her ideas. When a Dr John Smith visited the station to get information from Zoe, Sandra was afraid that he had come to poach Zoe. She resisted letting him talk to Zoe, though she had to relent when he went above her head to Director Sheerstock. The Doctor convinced Sandra to let him talk to Zoe, but Sandra brought Zoe to the TARDIS instead, causing her to completely lose her memories of her time with the Doctor.

Several years later, Sandra's former assistant Xafta was now the Director, and Sandra was still obsessing over her furniture. (PROSE: The Tip of the Mind)

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