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Santa Claus

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Santa Claus
Santa Baby
Main aliases:
Father Christmas
Saint Nicholas
Jeff (possibly)
First seen in: A Christmas Story
Main actor: Jon Glover
Main voice actor: Peter Sowerbutts

Santa Claus — also known as Father Christmas or, according to the Eleventh Doctor, Jeff (TV: A Christmas Carol) — legendarily distributed presents to good children on Christmas morning under their trees. He played an important part in the Christmas tradition on the planet Earth.


Santa maintained a workshop where he created toys. It used to be located at the North Pole, but due to the aeroplanes which began flying over it in the 20th century, he moved it to an unnamed planet. (COMIC: A Christmas Story) In order to deliver presents to all children in a single night, Santa used time loops and clones of himself. (PROSE: The Man Who (Nearly) Killed Christmas)


The First Doctor visited Santa Claus in his workshop and helped save Christmas. (COMIC: A Christmas Story)

The Second Doctor warned Santa of a future where the toy workshop spanned over two thousand worlds and the fabric of space was being torn by his time looping. A solution was found involving a fleet of robot Santas and newly calculated, more stable wormholes. (PROSE: The Man Who (Nearly) Killed Christmas)

The Third Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith travelled to New York, 1822, where they met Saint Nicholas. Clement C. Moore watched them from his window, and then sat down to write Twas the Night Before Christmas. (PROSE: A Visit from Saint Nicholas)

Santa helped Iris Wildthyme save Panda from Mary Christmas. (AUDIO: The Claws of Santa)

Astrolabus claimed to be Santa at one point, but the validity of this claim is unclear. (COMIC: Voyager)




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