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An android of Sarah Jane Smith was created by the Kraals after she was processed by a pattern analyser. It telephoned the Fourth Doctor giving its location so he could meet it. He offered it ginger beer, which the real Sarah didn't like, but the android displayed a taste for.

In the Oseidon replica of Devesham Woods, the Doctor revealed to the android that he knew it wasn't the real Sarah as she had lost her scarf earlier, while they were being pursued through the trees. It threatened him with a gun, but the Doctor disarmed it and demanded the real Sarah's location. As the android broke free from his grasp, it fell to the ground, causing its face to come away. It fired after the Doctor as he fled.

The android Sarah was later transported to Earth aboard the XK-5 space freighter, travelling down to the surface, to Devesham, in a retro tube. The androids were deactivated when the Doctor realigned the radar dishes of the Space Defence Station to point inwards and turned the system on. (TV: The Android Invasion)

Behind the scenes Edit

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