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Saturn V was, at the time of construction, Nasa's mightiest launch vehicle: a 110-metre rocket with five F-1 engines in its first stage alone. Saturn V launched several missions from Earth.

The first known instance of use was shortly before Christmas Eve 1968, when it was used to launch Apollo 8 from Launch Pad 39A at the Kennedy Space Center. (PROSE: Three Wise Men)

Its next know use was launching Apollo 11 to the Moon.

It was launched again from the Kennedy Space Center on 16 July 1969. The Tenth Doctor watched this launch from the ground. He described it as "packing three men into a tin can filled with a skyscraper's worth of fuel, hurling them out of the atmosphere into the harshest conditions imaginable, with nothing more powerful than a pocket calculator to guide them. For what? Just because you can." (PROSE: Blue Moon)

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