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The Saurians were a species of dinosaurs native to Mondas which were cybernetically augmented by the Lizard Kings.

Biology Edit

Due to their cybernetics, they could speak and obey orders. However, the creature known as the R'lyeh was capable of overriding the Cybermen's control.

History Edit

When a lone Cyberman-scout and a village heretic named Raven were searching for the final resting place of the Lizard Kings, they encountered a Saurian. Rather than attack them, the Cyberman interfaced with the creature, which greeted it as its master and led them to their destination. Upon killing Kho'dja, the lizard king, the Cyberman requisitioned the nearby primitive Cybermen and the cyborg suarians as well. (COMIC: The Dead Heart)

The Saurians were used to help create a city for the Cybermen. However, when the Cybermen unintentionally released a deadly creature known as the R'lyeh, which took control, they began to destroy the Cybermen. (COMIC: The Flesh Unbound)

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