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Savar was a Time Lord.

When the Doctor was young, Savar beat him at chess. The humiliation of defeat almost made the Doctor cry.

Savar planned a mission to rescue Omega from the black hole he was trapped in. He intially had Ulysses' help, but Ulysses remained on Gallifrey when Savar set out on the mission. In the black hole, his TARDIS was damaged and he had to flee in its escape pod. His escape pod was intercepted by the I, who stripped his escape pod, taking all relevant technology. However as Time Lord technology utilised retinal technology, they also extracted his eyes. (PROSE: The Infinity Doctors, PROSE: Seeing I)

Savar was rescued. After a regeneration (or two) he had his sight restored. He also claimed to have seen the Gallifreyan god Ohm and fallen off the edge of N-Space.

These events left him with multiple personality disorder, with two distinct personalities. In this body he was also an accomplished telepath. (PROSE: The Infinity Doctors) Savar was on Gallifrey when the Fourth Doctor was installed as Lord President of the Supreme Council of the Time Lords. Lord Gomer spoke to him about the cyclic burst ratio and wavelength broadcast power induction at the inauguration. (TV: The Invasion of Time)

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