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Schwartz was a member of the Unified Intelligence Taskforce and served as one of its foremost experts in alien incursions. When a spaceship crashed into the Big Ben clock tower in London, Schwartz and many other experts were brought in to discuss the situation at 10 Downing Street. He sat next to United States Army Major Frost during the meeting and seemed somewhat perturbed by the Ninth Doctor's revelation that the crash had been faked to draw out the experts and dispose of them.

The true aliens, disguised as British Army General R. Asquith and Acting Prime Minister Joseph Green, unmasked themselves to the stunned experts and then proceeded to send jolts of electricity through their ID cards. Though the Doctor managed to struggle free of his, Schwartz and the others perished before anything could be done. Their deaths were avenged when the Doctor and his allies blew up 10 Downing Street and killed all but one of the aliens. (TV: Aliens of London / World War Three)