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Scientist Dalek

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Scientist Dalek
Biological type: Dalek
Affiliated with: New Dalek Paradigm
Place of origin: Earth orbit
First seen in: Victory of the Daleks

The Scientist Dalek was an orange, specialised Dalek of the New Dalek Paradigm. The first one was created by the Progenitor in 1941. Its role was to examine and formulate new weapons as well as to analyse the genetic and physiological make-up of the Daleks' enemies so that their weaknesses could be isolated. (DWAN: Doctor Who The Official Annual 2011)

History Edit

The original Scientist, along with the other original four Paradigm Daleks (the white Supreme, yellow Eternal, blue Strategist, and red Drone), were created when the three survivors of the fallen New Dalek Empire tricked the Eleventh Doctor into allowing them to activate the Progenitor device. It escaped through a Time corridor with the others when their plan to destroy Earth failed, and went on to help establish a massive third Dalek empire. (TV: Victory of the Daleks)

Several Scientist Daleks patrolled Kaalann and studied the Varga plants which infested the capital. (GAME: City of the Daleks)

Several Scientist Daleks were part of the platoon led by Chief Strategist that attacked Station 7, with several other Strategists and Drones under its leadership. (COMIC: The Only Good Dalek)

A Scientist Dalek sent an alien family plummeting through time and space while attempting to collect all the Time Orbs. The Scientist recruited many Strategist Daleks and Drones. It also recruited big armies of Cybermen and Silurians as a distraction for the Eleventh Doctor and Amy. (GAME: The Mazes of Time)

Dalek Scientists were present in the Dalek Command Node when the Daleks invaded London in the year 2106 using a piece of the Eternity Clock. They were likely destroyed when the Doctor set the gas pipes built underneath the Command Node to explode. More Scientists were present on the Dalek Emperor's Flagship. (GAME: The Eternity Clock)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Mark Gatiss coined the name.
  • Doctor Who Magazine nicknamed the Scientist Dalek the "Baked-bean Dalek".
  • The Scientist Dalek is the only one of the five main New Dalek Paradigm ranks to not appear on-screen since their first appearance in Victory of the Daleks. At least one Dalek of every other rank has appeared in at least one TV story after.

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