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The Screamers were seen as the breakthrough of a genius by their creator, Professor Piritus Eglon. His genetic experiments merged the DNA cells of human and Argonian to produce a new life form. This took the form of a head on an arm and resulted in the death of their creator. Their scream could drive a human unconscious. From the Argonian genetic material, they could survive in almost any state without food, water or air. Capable of intelligent thought, the first Screamer was able to operate Eglon's cloning computer to duplicate itself. Regarding them as too dangerous to be allowed to roam free, the Eleventh Doctor requested that Argonian authorities seal the Screamers in the castle that was formerly Eglon's prison. (COMIC: Screamers!)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • It is unclear from the text whether the correct term is Argones or Argonians for species native of the planet Argone.
  • The Screamer was the winning design of a Doctor Who Adventures Design-a-Monster Competition created by reader Jessica Rickarby. The design, as well as featuring in the comic strip, was also constructed as a model and on display at the Doctor Who Experience.