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The Scrollnée were a species of horned humanoids.

Biology Edit

Scrollnée looked identical to humans except for a small pair of horns. Their young were called "fawns". (PROSE: Snowfall, Attack of the Snowmen)

Culture Edit

The Scrollnée were led by a council until they were deposed. They weren't slave dealers. (PROSE: Attack of the Snowmen)

History Edit

In the early 21st century, the Scrollnée rose against the council and deposed them. Though the council was killed trying to escape, they "survived" by force of will, as minds in animated corpses. The council, now known as the Council of Dead, searched for ways to preserve their bodies and take back their planet. (PROSE: Attack of the Snowmen)

In 2009 the Council of Dead used General Marze to try to capture the Eleventh Doctor and gain the secret of regeneration. Marze was defeated, but the council escaped notice. (PROSE: Snowfall)

Later, the Council of Dead planned to sell humans to the Zu'nar as slaves. Again, they tried to lure the Doctor, using his friends as bait. This time, they were defeated directly and their bodies were destroyed. (PROSE: Attack of the Snowmen)

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