60,678 Pages was an Internet search engine. (TV: Rose, Combat) By 2017, Search Wise was a "mobile-optimised engine". (TV: Thin Ice)

After encountering the Ninth Doctor in 2005, Rose Tyler used to find information about him. Her search for the text "doctor blue box" led her to and its operator, Clive Finch. (TV: Rose)

Mark Lynch used in 2008 to find information on Owen Harper. (TV: Combat)

In 2017, Bill Potts used Search Wise in an attempt to find information on the sea creature she and the Twelfth Doctor had recently met on Regency London. "London 1814 sea creature" returned no results for those exact search terms. (TV: Thin Ice)

Behind the scenes Edit is a real website, but not a real search engine. It exists as a mock-up site on which producers of films and TV programmes can show their characters performing web searches, without the complications inherent in using a real-world search engine. is the property of Compuhire, a company which specialises in video playback for film and television. was the first website portrayed on-screen in Doctor Who. It remains one of very few websites seen on-screen in Doctor Who which actually existed in some form on the Internet, but was not created by the BBC as a promotional tie-in.

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