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Search Out Space

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Search Out Space
Seven Search Out Science Search Out Space
Doctor: Seventh Doctor
Companion(s): Ace, K9
Key crew
Writer: Lambros Atteshlis and Stuart Berry-Anne Billingsley
Director: Stuart Berry-Anne Billingsley
Producer: Robin Mudge, Lambros Attheshlis
Release details
Premiere broadcast: 21 November 1990
Format: 1x25 minute episode

Search Out Space was a special episode of Search Out Science, a children's education programme in which Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred appeared as the Seventh Doctor and Ace.

It was broadcast nearly a year after Survival, which marked the end of the original Doctor Who series. John Leeson provided the voice of K9 for the first time since The Five Doctors.

Synopsis Edit

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Story notes Edit

  • Search Out Space was included as an extra on the DVD of Survival.
  • The Doctor and his companions were invited to appear on a quiz show in PROSE: Storm in a Tikka, which bridges this story with the events of TV: Dimensions in Time.
  • According to PROSE: First Frontier, the events of Dimensions in Time is a bad dream the Seventh Doctor is having. So it is likely that the events of Search Out Space is also a dream.
  • Though the series had been cancelled in 1989, and this is not a canon story, the fact this story premiered in 1990 means the Doctor Who mythos technically enjoyed 27 straight years where a new Doctor Who adventure in some form or another premiered on television as opposed to 26.

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