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Season 2

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Season 2
39 episodes comprising 9 stories
starting with Planet of Giants
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Doctor: First Doctor
Companion(s): Barbara, Ian, Susan, Vicki, Steven
Key crew
Producer(s): Verity Lambert
Script editor(s): Dennis Spooner
David Whitaker
Series details
Start date: 31 October 1964
End date: 24 July 1965
Premiere network: BBC1
Typical episode length: 25'
More info
DWMSE: 7, 12, 34
Key reference books about the season: The Discontinuity Guide, The First Doctor Handbook, The Sixties, Wiped!, About Time 1
Key documentaries about the season: Jacqueline Hill - A Life in Pictures, Dennis Spooner: Wanna Write a Television Series?
Relevant Myth Makers interviews: Carole Ann Ford, William Russell, Verity Lambert, Jacqueline Hill, Raymond Cusick, William Hartnell, Barry Newbery, Tristram Cary
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The second season of Doctor Who ran between 31 October 1964 and 24 July 1965. It consisted of nine serials and thirty-nine episodes. Milestones this season included not one but two encore appearances by the Daleks; the departure of the original three companions, Susan Foreman, Barbara Wright and Ian Chesterton; and the first appearance of someone else from the Doctor and Susan's home planet.

Amongst the black and white seasons, season 2 has the most extant telerecordings; only the two missing episodes of The Crusade haven't been recovered as of December 2014.

Television stories Edit

# Title Writer Episodes Notes
1 Planet of GiantsLouis Marks3First story other than the initial episode to be set on present day Earth.
2 The Dalek Invasion of EarthTerry Nation6Final appearance of Susan Foreman and first encore appearance of an enemy.
3 The RescueDavid Whitaker2First appearance of Vicki.
4 The RomansDennis Spooner4First story to feature the talents of a major actor, Derek Francis.
5 The Web PlanetBill Strutton6First appearance of a Great Old One.
6 The CrusadeDavid Whitaker4First story with a true multi-ethnic cast.
7 The Space MuseumGlyn Jones4First story to depict the dimensions of time and space; contains a cliffhanger that precludes the return of the Daleks.
8 The ChaseTerry Nation6First appearance of Steven Taylor and final appearances of Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright. First and only appearance of the Mechanoids.
9 The Time MeddlerDennis Spooner4First appearance of another member of the Doctor and Susan's race, though not yet identified as Time Lords.

Notes Edit

  • Each story consisted of between two and six episodes, with each chapter having a different episode title. Unlike season 1, however, the overall titles given to season 2 stories are generally widely accepted.

Cast Edit

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Stories set during this season Edit

Ratings Edit

  • Average: 10.5 million
  • Highest: 13.5 million (The Web Planet episode 1 - "The Web Planet")
  • Lowest: 7.7 million (The Time Meddler episode 3 - "A Battle of Wits")

Adaptations and merchandising Edit

Home media Edit

VHS Edit

  • Planet of Giants (2002)
  • The Dalek Invasion of Earth (1990) (in 2 parts)
  • The Rescue/The Romans (1994)
  • The Web Planet (1990)
  • The Crusade and The Space Museum (1999) (Contains episodes 1 and 3 of The Crusade with narration of missing episodes)
  • The Chase (1993)
  • The Time Meddler (2002)
  • The Hartnell Years (1991) (The Crusade Episode 3)

Loose Cannon VHS release Edit

  • The Crusade (2000) (episodes 2 and 4 only, with narration of existing episodes)

DVD releases Edit

Serial name Number and duration
of episodes
R2 release date R4 release date R1 release date
Planet of Giants 3 × 25 min 20 August 2012 5 September 2012 11 September 2012
The Dalek Invasion of Earth 6 × 25 min. 9 June 2003 13 August 2003 7 October 2003
The Rescue/The Romans:
The Rescue (2 episodes)
The Romans (4 episodes)
6 × 25 min. 23 February 2009 2 April 2009 7 July 2009
The Web Planet 6 × 25 min. 3 October 2005 3 November 2005 5 September 2006
The Space Museum/The Chase:
The Space Museum (4 episodes)
The Chase (6 episodes)
10 × 25 min. 1 March 2010 6 May 2010 6 July 2010
The Time Meddler 4 × 25 min. 4 February 2008 2 April 2008 5 August 2008
The Crusade (episodes 1 & 3 of 4; soundtracks of 2 & 4) {Lost in Time: William Hartnell} 6 × 25 min.
+ 2 × 25 min. audio
1 November 2004 2 December 2004
(Original release)
1 July 2010
2 November 2004

Download/streaming availability Edit

Serial name BBC Store iTunes
Planet of Giants (3 episodes)
The Dalek Invasion of Earth (6 episodes)
The Rescue (2 episodes)
The Romans
The Web Planet (6 episodes)
The Crusade
The Space Museum (4 episodes)
The Chase
The Time Meddler

Until early 2016, all stories of the season except for The Dalek Invasion of EarthThe Romans and The Crusade were available for streaming on Hulu Plus.

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  • The Crusade

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