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Season 5

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Season 5
40 episodes comprising 7 stories
starting with The Tomb of the Cybermen
Doctor: Second Doctor
Companion(s): Jamie, Victoria, Zoe
Key crew
Producer(s): Innes Lloyd
Script editor(s): Peter Bryant
Derrick Sherwin
Series details
Start date: 2 September 1967
End date: 1 June 1968
Premiere network: BBC1
Typical episode length: 25'
More info
Main DWM coverage in issues: 116, 143, 466
DWMSE: 4, 12, 36
Key reference books about the season: The Discontinuity Guide, The Second Doctor Handbook, The Sixties, Wiped!, About Time 2
Key documentaries about the season: Doctor Who Stories - Frazer Hines
Relevant Myth Makers interviews: Wendy Padbury, Deborah Watling, Victor Pemberton, Frazer Hines, Derrick Sherwin, Patrick Troughton, Innes Lloyd and Peter Bryant production teams
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The fifth season of Doctor Who ran between 2 September 1967 and 1 June 1968. It consisted of seven serials and forty episodes, many of which are lost. No complete stories from the season were known to have survived until the early-1990s, when archivists recovered a complete version of The Tomb of the Cybermen. A second complete story, The Enemy of the World was recovered in 2013, along with a nearly complete recovery of the story that followed it, The Web of Fear. Individual episodes have survived for a few of the other stories, and audio recordings exist for all. It was the first season not to have any episodes featuring Daleks.

Television stories Edit

# Title Writer Episodes Notes
1 The Tomb of the CybermenKit Pedler
Gerry Davis
4Introduction of Telos, the Cyber-Controller and the Cybermats. First completely preserved Troughton story.
2 The Abominable SnowmenMervyn Haisman
Henry Lincoln
6First appearance of the Yeti and the Great Intelligence.
3 The Ice WarriorsBrian Hayles6First appearance of the Ice Warriors.
4 The Enemy of the WorldDavid Whitaker6Patrick Troughton appears in dual roles as the Doctor and Ramon Salamander.
5 The Web of FearMervyn Haisman
Henry Lincoln
6First appearance of Lethbridge-Stewart, then a Colonel, who would later be promoted to Brigadier. Second and last appearance of the Yeties. Second and last appearance of the Great Intelligence until The Snowmen.
6 Fury from the DeepVictor Pemberton6Final appearance of Victoria Waterfield, first appearance of the sonic screwdriver.
7 The Wheel in SpaceDavid Whitaker6First appearance of Zoe Heriot.

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Stories set during this season Edit

Adaptations and merchandising Edit

Home media Edit

VHS Edit

  • The Tomb of the Cybermen (1992)
  • The Troughton Years (1991) (The Abominable Snowmen episode 2 and The Enemy of the World episode 3)
  • Cybermen: The Early Years (1992) (The Wheel in Space episodes 3 and 6)
  • The Ice Warriors Collection (1998) (The Ice Warriors 1, 4, 5 and 6 with short reconstructions of episodes 2 and 3)
  • The Reign of Terror (2003) (The Web of Fear episode 1)

Loose Cannon VHS releases Edit

  • The Abominable Snowman (2006) (Episodes 1, 3-6 only)
  • The Ice Warriors (2004) (Episodes 2 and 3 only)
  • The Enemy of the World (2001) (Episodes 1-2, 4-6 only)
  • Fury from the Deep (2005)

DVD Edit

Serial name Number and duration
of episodes
R2 release date R4 release date R1 release date
The Tomb of the Cybermen 4 × 25 min. 14 January 2002 4 April 2002 6 August 2002
The Tomb of the Cybermen – Special Edition
Part of the Revisitations 3 box set
4 × 25 min. 13 February 2012 1 March 2012 13 March 2012
Lost in Time: Patrick Troughton

The Abominable Snowmen (episode 2 of 6)
The Enemy of the World (episode 3 of 6)
The Web of Fear (episode 1 of 6)
The Wheel in Space (episodes 3 & 6 of 6)
Fury from the Deep (reconstruction)

5 × 25 min.
1 November 2004 2 December 2004
(Original release)
1 July 2010
2 November 2004
The Enemy of the World 6 × 25 min. 25 November 2013 TBA TBA
The Web of Fear (with telesnap reconstruction of episode 3) 6 × 25 min. 24 February 2014[source needed] TBA TBA

iTunes Edit

  • The Enemy of the World
  • The Web of Fear (with telesnap reconstruction of episode 3)

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BBC Website Guide to Season 5

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