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A Selachian battlesuit was cybernetically enhanced armour used by the Ockorans.

Battlesuit design included a fin along the back, guns along the forearms, an invisible one-way viewscreen, could carry an electric charge and was painted to resemble Earth sharks. As Ockorans were an aquatic species, the battlesuit functioned as life-support on land. (PROSE: The Murder Game)

For mobility out of the water, those who would wear the battlesuits had their lower limbs amputated and replaced with legs. They had to have studs implanted into their nervous system in order for them to use the battlesuits. By the early 23rd century they had plasma weapons attached to their arms, which were built for fear rather than power (though it was still a dangerous weapon). By that point in their history as well, the battlesuits were equipped with nanites to repair damage and to counteract the nanites of the Terran Security Forces. The battlesuits also had built-in language translators. (PROSE: The Final Sanction)

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