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Sentreal was a representative of his home galaxy at the first meeting of the Galactic Council. Like the others, he allied himself with the Daleks in their plan to conquer the Solar System. (TV: Mission to the Unknown) He did not appear at the seventh meeting, his place taken by Zephon. (TV: The Daleks' Master Plan)

Sentreal, a strange half-creature, half-vegetable being, was all black, apart from two burning, bright eyes in his cylindrical head. His body looked as though it consisted of several open cones stacked on top of each other. He wore a black crown. (TV: Mission to the Unknown)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • The actor who played Sentreal did not receive a credit, but Johnny Clayton and Len Russell played "Alien Delegates", while Pat Gorman played a "Planetarian". It remains unclear, to date, which of them played Sentreal.
  • Prior to the recovery of episode two of The Daleks' Master Plan, Sentreal and Beaus were often misidentified with each other, including in the novelisation.