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Series 1
8 episodes
starting with For Tonight We Might Die
Class logo
Regular characters: Charlie
Miss Quill
Key crew
Executive producer(s): Steven Moffat
Patrick Ness
Brian Minchin
Producer(s): Derek Ritchie
Series details
Start date: 22 October 2016
End date: 3 December 2016
Premiere network: BBC Three
Typical episode length: 45'
Official trailer
The Doctor – Class Teaser (Official)00:54

The Doctor – Class Teaser (Official)

The first series of Class was announced on 1 October 2015 as an eight episode young adult spinoff set in Coal Hill School, that aired on BBC Three in 2016. This was the fifth Doctor Who television spinoff after K9 and Company, Torchwood, The Sarah Jane Adventures, and K9.

Class was created by Patrick Ness, who previously wrote the tie-in short story, Tip of the Tongue, for the show's fiftieth anniversary. Ness revealed he would exclusively write all eight episodes and that the series would air the following autumn.[1] He further revealed there would be "no Clara" and that Class would "definitely air in America".[2] In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Ness said he has been asked to bring back many fan favourites since the series was announced, but he wants to create something new. He also confirmed the Weeping Angels would not feature in the series.[3]

In a Radio Times interview Ness stated "the main character is someone brand new" and, with regard to whether the Twelfth Doctor would appear, he teased, "I can neither yet confirm nor deny. But I'm a big Peter Capaldi fan, let's put it that way."[4] Radio Times reported a "source close to the production" said, "don't be surprised if Peter pops up".[5] On 6 September 2016, the Mirror confirmed that Capaldi would show up in the opening episode, along with a gay sex scene further into the series.[6]

The first episode was shown at the Class World Premiere in Shoreditch in London on 20 October 2016.[7]

Class began airing on 22 October 2016, with its first two episodes, exactly 10 years after the airdate of Torchwood's first two episodes, Everything Changes and Day One.

Cast Edit

Recurring Edit

Guest Edit

Production Edit

The series began filming on 4 April 2016 and wrapped on 2 September 2016. A number of episodes in the series were directed by Ed Bazalgette, who directed the Doctor Who episodes The Girl Who Died and The Woman Who Lived.[15] Philippa Langdale and Wayne Yip directed two episodes each[16][17], whilst Julian Holmes directed the finale.[18]

According to Ness, Blair Mowat composed the music for the series.[19]

The working title of the first episode of the series was The Prom.[20]

Television stories Edit

# Title Writer Director Notes
1 For Tonight We Might Die Patrick Ness Ed Bazalgette Guest appearance from the Twelfth Doctor. First appearances of Charlie, April, Ram, Tanya and Miss Quill. First appearance of the Shadow Kin and Corakinus.
2 The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo Patrick Ness Ed Bazalgette Death of Mr Armitage.
3 Nightvisiting[21] Patrick Ness Ed Bazalgette[22] First appearance of Tanya's father, supposedly back to life.
4 Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart[23] Patrick Ness Philippa Langdale[22] First appearance of April's father.[23]
5 TBA Patrick Ness Philippa Langdale[22]
6 TBA Patrick Ness Wayne Yip[22]
7 TBA Patrick Ness Wayne Yip[22]
8 TBA Patrick Ness Julian Holmes[24][22]

Aliens and enemies Edit

Rumours Edit

Novels Edit

The official Doctor Who website announced three books will be released on 27 October 2016: [26]

Footnotes Edit

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