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Series 1
11 episodes comprising 6 stories
starting with Invasion of the Bane
Sarah Jane Adventures Logo
Main character: Sarah Jane Smith
Regular characters: Luke Smith
Maria Jackson
Clyde Langer
Alan Jackson
Key crew
Executive producer(s): Phil Collinson
Russell T Davies
Julie Gardner
Producer(s): Matthew Bouch
Series details
Start date: 1 January 2007
End date: 19 November 2007
Premiere network: BBC Three
Typical episode length: 25'
More info
DWMSE: 23, 28, 32
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The first series of The Sarah Jane Adventures was broadcast following the broadcast of a special 60-minute episode on 1 January 2007. The season proper aired between 24 September 2007 and 19 November 2007 and consisted of five two-part stories, with each episode running 25 minutes in length (the first time 25-minute episodes have been used in the Doctor Who franchise since the parent series ended in 1989).

Cast Edit


Invasion of the Bane promotional image.

Recurring Edit

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Television stories Edit

Episodes Title Writer(s) Director Notes
1 Invasion of the Bane Russell T Davies &
Gareth Roberts
Colin TeagueReintroduction of Sarah Jane Smith and K9 Mark IV. First appearance of Luke Smith, Maria Jackson, Alan Jackson, Chrissie Jackson, Mr Smith, Mrs Wormwood and the Bane
2 Revenge of the Slitheen Gareth RobertsAlice TroughtonReintroduction of the Slitheen and introduction of Clyde Langer
2 Eye of the Gorgon Phil FordAlice Troughton
2 Warriors of Kudlak Phil GladwinCharles Martin
2 Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane? Gareth RobertsGraeme Harper First appearance of The Trickster
2 The Lost Boy Phil FordCharles MartinReintroduction of the Slitheen and K9 Mark IV

Although broadcast separately from the rest of the season, the BBC considers Invasion of the Bane to be part of Series 1, and released it as such to DVD.

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Novels Edit

Series 1 of The Sarah Jane Adventures marked the first time since The Novel of the Film in 1996 that novelisations were commissioned for televised episodes of a Doctor Who franchise production. The first four novelisations were published in 2007, with the last two following in 2008.

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SJA Series 1 DVD

Home video releases Edit

  • Invasion of the Bane was released on a vanilla DVD on 29 October 2007.
  • It was the first Doctor Who related DVD to not be released by 2Entertain since 2005's Doctor Who Volume 2.
  • The Complete First Series (including Invasion of the Bane) was released on 10 November 2008.

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