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Series 8
34th season since 1963
13 episodes
starting with Deep Breath
Doctor Who Series 7-B The Bells of Saint John Logo
Doctor: Twelfth Doctor
Companion(s): Clara
Key crew
Executive producer(s): Steven Moffat
Brian Minchin
Producer(s): Nikki Wilson
Peter Bennett
Series details
Start date: 23 August 2014
Premiere network: BBC One
Typical episode length: 45'
More info
Key documentaries about the season: Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor
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Filming for series 8 of Doctor Who began on 6 January 2014,[1] for an air date of 23 August 2014.[2] [3] The series' commissioning was confirmed on 18 May 2013.[4] Executive producer Steven Moffat has promised "at least" 13 episodes in 2014;[5] it was later confirmed [by whom?] that only 12 of those will be part of the main run.[6][additional sources needed][info not given in source] He revealed in DWM 469 that, unlike the previous two series, series 8 will be broadcast straight, with no series split halfway through it.


Series 8 will see the debut of Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor. Capaldi was announced in a live television special, Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor, on 4 August 2013.[7] The previous Doctor, Matt Smith, announced he was leaving on 1 June of the same year.[8]

The new Doctor will be joined by series 7, part 2's companion, Clara Oswald, as played by Jenna Coleman, in her first full series.[9]

Samuel Anderson will join the cast as a new recurring character, Danny Pink, a fellow teacher at Coal Hill School.[10]

The Paternoster Gang will also return,[11][12] and will each use a sonic device designed in a Blue Peter competition in the series.[13] Kate Stewart, Osgood and UNIT will also appear.[14]



  • Inspector Gregson - Paul Hickey[15]
  • Alf - Tony Way[16]
  • Elsie - Maggie Service[17]
  • Colonel Blue - Michael Smiley[18]
  • TBA - Tom Riley[19]
  • TBA - Robert Goodman[20]
  • TBA - Jonathan Bailey[20]
  • TBA - Pippa Bennett-Warner[20]
  • Ms Delphox - Keeley Hawes[21]
  • TBA - Ben Miller[22]
  • TBA - Hermione Norris[23]
  • TBA - Tony Osoba[23]
  • TBA - Phil Nice[23]
  • TBA - Frank Skinner[24]
  • TBA - David Bamber[24]
  • TBA - Daisy Beaumont[24]
  • TBA - Janet Henfrey[24]
  • TBA - Christopher Villiers[24]
  • TBA - Foxes (Louisa Rose Allen)[25]
  • TBA - Harley Bird [2]
  • TBA - Abigail Eames [2]
  • TBA - Ashley Foster [2]
  • TBA - Jaydon Harris-Wallace [2]
  • Gatekeeper of the Nethersphere - Michelle Gomez[26]


Brian Minchin, the new producer of the series, explained in the July 2013 issue of Doctor Who Magazine that "I have just spent a very happy few days meeting some scarily clever writers, and we have an incredible set of stories to work on. More adventures ahead!". In a May 2013 interview, Steven Moffat claimed that "the next season is plotted out."[27]

The first readthrough for series 8 was held on 17 December 2013[28]. This was an unusually long lead time, as actual filming for the first episodes of series 8 did not commence until 6 January 2014, with Capaldi filming his first scenes the next day. In a break from what was done with Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant and Matt Smith, the first episode filmed by Capaldi is also to be the first episode to be broadcast.[29]



Series 8 will be co-executive produced by Steven Moffat and Brian Minchin. (DWM 460) Series 7's producer, Caroline Skinner, officially stepped down on 13 March 2013, [30] and Minchin was announced as her replacement on 30 April. [31]

Producer Marcus Wilson stepped down following production of The Time of the Doctor. His role will be filled by former producers Nikki Wilson and Peter Bennett. [32]


Steven Moffat has penned both the series opener and episode 4 (DWM 471), Phil Ford wrote episode 2, [2] [additional sources needed] Mark Gatiss did episode 3,[33] (DWM 472) Steve Thompson's script is for episode 5, (DWM 471) and Gareth Roberts wrote the the sixth episode of the series.[34] (DWM 472)

Also writing for this series are Neil Cross,[35]Jack Lothian,[36] Peter Harness, Jamie Mathieson (DWM 473) and Frank Cottrell Boyce. [2] Neil Gaiman has also expressed interest in returning, but stated in May 2013 that writing for Doctor Who simply doesn't pay well.[37]


Ben Wheatley will direct the first two episodes of the series,[38][39] while Paul Murphy will direct episodes 3 and 6.[40] Douglas Mackinnon is set to direct two episodes of the series as well,[41] as is Paul Wilmshurst.[42] Sheree Folkson will direct an episode. [2]

Television stories

# Title Writer Director Notes
1Deep Breath[43]Steven MoffatBen WheatleyFirst full story featuring the Twelfth Doctor.
Return of the Paternoster Gang.
2TBAPhil FordBen Wheatley
3TBAMark GatissPaul Murphy
4TBASteven MoffatDouglas Mackinnon
5TBASteve ThompsonDouglas Mackinnon
6TBAGareth RobertsPaul Murphy
7TBAPeter HarnessPaul Whimshurst
8TBAJamie MathiesonPaul Whimshurst
9TBAJamie MathiesonDouglas Mackinnon
10TBAFrank Cottrell BoyceSheree Folkson
11TBASteven MoffatRachel Talalay
12TBASteven MoffatRachel Talalay
XTBASteven MoffatTBAChristmas special



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