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The Twelfth Doctor BBC idents were a group of two promotional videos originally created for broadcast on BBC One in the run-up to series 8 of Doctor Who and during the run of the series itself. [1]

The idents consisted of two modified 15-second idents from the current BBC One "Circle" idents set. They were shown semi-regularly during the weeks running up to the Series 8 premiere before becoming exclusive to Saturdays during the series' run.

Both idents returned the following year to accompany the broadcast of series 9 on Saturdays.

Idents Edit

  • Hippos: In this edit of the "Hippos" ident, numerous hippos swim around in a circular formation as the Doctor's TARDIS flies above them.
  • Capes: In this edit of the "Capes" ident, numerous people in colourful rain coats on bikes ride through a rain storm, as people watch, the sun comes out. The transmission is momentarily interrupted by the Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi) from the interior of the TARDIS. The final shot shows all the bikers forming a rainbow-like circle at a roundabout, now with a lone Dalek among the crowd firing several shots into the centre of the circle.

Footnotes Edit