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Sevans was the name of the company set up by Stuart Evans in the 1980s which released a number of highly detailed Doctor Who models.

In an interview for Doctor Who Magazine (DWM 114 - July 1986), Stuart explained he was inspired by the Radio Times Tenth Anniversary Special (which included instructions which he found to be "just not viable") to build his own life-size Dalek. He turned his attention to building a scaled down model. Having made a couple of mock-ups that were favourably viewed at the 1983 Longleat Celebration, he met up with Simon Lydiard, ex-editor of the defunct Skaro fanzine who suggested he take the idea to BBC Merchandising. Stuart was refused permission to use the word 'Dalek' in advertisements for his models in Exchange and Mart. However, BBC Merchanding suggested they might be interested if the idea was supported by a manufacturer. Stuart's models impressed Chris Crouch and Brian Codd (of Terry Nation) enough to win him the world rights to make Dalek kits.

Stuart was responsible for all the the modelling, tooling, artwork, research and photography.

The Dalek model, based on the Genesis of the Daleks version, was customisable, allowing other variants to be made. They were accurate to a 1:5 scale and included a well researched Dalek history, appealing to collectors and model-makers. However, there were quite a few errors, the biggest stating the Saucer Commander from "The Dalek Invasion of Earth" was coloured dark red and silver, when it was black and silver.

Such was the detail in Stuart's models that he was invited to modify one of his Daleks for use in the filming of Revelation of the Daleks (1985)

On the 23rd October 1986 Stuart appeared on the children's magazine programme Blue Peter

Several model kits were intended including Ice Warriors, 1967 Cybermen, feature film Daleks, Davros, TARDIS console, Mk6 Cybermen, Sil and Borad.

Ultimately, the range covered:

  • Dalek
  • Dalek (1960s movie design)
  • Davros (1970s design)
  • Davros (1980s design)
  • Mk 6 Cyberman (was promoted but withdrawn before release because it did not meet Stuart's standards before being re-issued a year later)
  • Cybercontroller ('Attack of the Cybermen' design)
  • K-9
  • Ice Warrior

In 1987 Sevans were granted a licence by BBC Enterprises to produce a full range of Cybermen helmets (from The Tenth Planet to Earthshock). That year also saw the kits being sold asssembled, requiring only painting.

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