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Althosian System
Also called: The Seven Planets
Type: Star system
Location: Mutter's Spiral
Appearance: The Pit

The Althosian system was a solar system with Seven Planets and two suns. Six of the seven planets were inhabited; the last "planet" was actually an artificial construction and was not inhabited. Hunters lived around the Althosian system, where they were attracted to the seventh planet.

The Seven Planets were originally Earth colonies, but they declared independence in 2396. They were all destroyed in 2400.

The planets included Nicaea, Trieste, Cosgon and a large, unnamed planet.

Nicaea Edit

Nicaea, capital of the Seven Planets, was governed by the Academy. The Academy was based on the Greek philosophical kings, with the most intelligent people leading the Seven Planets. The Academy was led by the Archon.

Trieste Edit

Trieste was the home world of the Kython, an oppressed native species.

Cosgon Edit

Cosgon was known to be icy and cold.

Unnamed artificial planet Edit

The unnamed planet was actually an artificial construction by Kopyion Liall a Mahajetsu to keep the Yssgaroth trapped. (PROSE: The Pit)

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